London’s finest sushi catering,
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In 2011 we set out to be the best sushi caterer in London; one that could provide fresh sushi to large numbers as if it were being served at your favourite Japanese restaurant. So with our background in event catering we set out to provide the best looking and freshest platters of sushi and according to those reviews, we’re doing a pretty good job.

We’ve got years of experience in catering for some of London’s biggest brands and even bigger stars.
Our range of sushi catering services are designed to fit around your event and schedule.


Sushi Chef


Our sushi platters are handmade to order and in most cases are delivered within half an hour of leaving the chef’s knife.

Each piece is carefully prepared using beautifully fresh produce and meticulously presented on our bamboo platters. Perfect for office meetings and parties.


If you’re an event organiser or party planner then we can work with you to provide the highest level of service for your client. All our services can be provided unbranded to fit with your event and for large events we can also offer trade pricing.

For product launches or events where there is only a small area, we can adapt our menus and are equipped with everything we need to produce and serve a delicious range of sushi almost anywhere.

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef


Our talented and highly experienced sushi chefs are a standout addition to any party or event. Having a chef preparing your sushi on site is not only a treat to watch but also means you get to enjoy sushi at its finest.

Presentation is just as important to our chefs as the careful balancing of ingredients. So whether they’re working behind the scenes or in-front of your guests, each piece of sushi will be meticulously presented.


If you’re looking to provide sushi en masse then our wholesale and trade options are for you.

We can provide uncut rolls for your chefs to finish or deliver at regular intervals throughout an event to ensure the last platter you receive is as fresh as the first.

Sushi Chef
Fresh, exciting and delivered in attractive boxes with all the condiments. Our guests were delighted with the variety and everything disappeared very quickly.Ritchie Franklin