Where to buy pickled ginger in London

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Sushi has benefited from huge popularity in London and it’s now possible to buy all the main Japanese ingredients to make sushi at home. Check out all our Japanese Food Guides or keep reading to find out where to buy pickled ginger in London. Pickled ginger or sushi ginger (Gari) is a traditional accompaniment to sushi. Like wasabi, it has … Read More

Where to Buy Unagi in London

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Unagi Kabayaki, or grilled Eel, is notoriously hard to get hold of in London, and not just because the Japanese eat 70% of the world's catch. If you're looking to buy live, or even very fresh Eel to gut at home, you'll be hard to pushed to find it. Most of the Unagi you'll find in London, including at your favourite sushi ... Read More

Where to buy real wasabi in London?

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We’ll let you in on a little secret, getting fresh wasabi in London is not easy. That bright green paste in your sushi platter, that makes your nose go funny, isn't exactly true wasabi either. The nose tingling potency is almost always the result of mustard powder or horseradish, with only a small amount of the expensive wasabi stem, or rhizome, added. Fresh ... Read More

Where’s the best place to get a sushi knife in London?

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A sharp kitchen knife is fine when you first start making sushi, but the preparation and presentation of your sushi and sashimi will be improved with proper Japanese knives. Just to be clear, a sushi knife and sashimi knife are not the same thing. There are three steps to making a sushi roll: cutting fish, cutting vegetables and cutting the roll itself. A sushi ... Read More

Where to buy sake in London

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Despite the huge popularity for sushi, finding somewhere to buy a good bottle of sake in London is not as easy. Sake flavours can be as varied as the wines from Bordeaux, Marlborough and Tuscany and can cost anywhere from a few pounds to a few hundred. For this blog we've searched for places to buy sake in London that have a good range ... Read More

Sushi Rolls Partners with London Yacht Jet & Prestige Car Show

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We’re delighted to confirm that Sushi Rolls will be providing our unique brand of luxury sushi platters, catering and sushi chefs to the London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show in May. As the sushi caterer of choice for London’s private parties and corporate events, our sushi bar is the perfect accompaniment to the Champagne bar and riverside terrace at this year’s show. LYJAPCS … Read More

Best Sushi Restaurants in London 2015

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There’s no shortage of people writing restaurant reviews for London’s top eateries, nor is there a shortage of sushi critics. But with so many reviews, opinions, ratings and tweets it’s often hard to get a consensus; as far as we know, no single reviewer has covered every restaurant that provides sushi in London. So we thought we’d make it easy … Read More

Top 5 Sushi Platter Deliveries in London

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It’s delicious and healthy. It looks great and makes a change from the usual party fare. Sushi’s getting bigger and bigger in London and as Londoners ourselves, we thought it was high time we gave you a rundown of your five best bets for buying a sushi platter in the capital. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, office party or even a … Read More

Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish in London

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The most common type of fresh fish to buy for sushi or sashimi in the UK is Salmon and Tuna, but Sea Bass, Red Snapper and the sustainable and hugely underrated mackerel are well worth a try. In all cases look for clear eyes, firm flesh and the smell of the sea – fresh fish don’t smell of fish! You want … Read More